Pixie Dust


You know that absolutely amazing feeling
As your feet lift off the floor and your head touches the ceiling?
The cold night air against your face
And an eagle who challenges you to a race
Flying loop di loops around the stars
And soaring on wings that once were arms
He says that grown ups can’t fly in their dreams
I can’t find the words for how sad that seems
At least it means I’m still a child yippee!
For I love to skim the tops of the trees
And see the city lights far far below me
To dive into clouds and ride the night wind
And wake up in the morning with a wide wide wide grin.
I’m sorry if you can no longer fly
Perhaps if you gave it one more try?
Remember what Peter Pan said
And put happy thoughts into your head
Then all you need is faith and trust
And a little bit of pixie dust