The Last Photo


Today I was introduced to Ivan Cash.

Not personally.

I didn’t shake his hand or anything.

Hell, we didn’t even breathe the same air.

The intricacies of the meeting are utterly irrelevant. The outcome, not so much.

Ivan is like a guy who sits on top of a snowy mountain making hundreds of tiny snowballs.

Sometimes, he rolls one down and nothing happens, just a little woosh.

Sometimes, he rolls one down and it causes an avalanche that reshapes the landscape.

Then he does a little happy dance.

One of his projects is entitled: The Last Photo.

He stops random people in the street and asks them what theirs was and why they took it – a gravestone, a flower and a boring meeting (to prove to his girlfriend that he wasn’t cheating on her just working late).

They are quick intimate glimpses into the world’s we carry on our phones a technology that simultaneously connects us to the world and disconnects us from it.

We connect with hundreds of ‘friends’ online, but ignore the stranger standing right in front of us. A stranger who could be the love of your life. Or not. He could be picking his nose, in which case, just ew!

HIVE1It got me thinking.

So, I checked the last photo on my phone.

This was taken on my son’s 12th birthday.

I took him and a friend to play Warcraft at HIVE. I laughed at his chosen character name – Diablo.

I took the photo because he lost his password last time and this way I will always have it close at hand.

HIVE is pretty cool gamer paradise.


The HIVE screensaver made me want to climb out of my skin and I had to say something.


No apostrophes. Not one little squiggly little line in the sky.

IM is not the same as I’M.

IM is an acronym for Instant Messaging.

I’M is the contracted form of I AM.

If your font can’t deal with apostrophes then do not contract your words.

No, you’re not a geek.

A geek knows how to use f#@king apostrophes.

Right, deep breaths in and out…

Back to the genius that is Ivan Cash.

He’s thrown a lot of snowballs down from his mountain, why don’t you pick one up and build a snowman?

Check out all his stuff at

So, what’s the last photo on your phone?

Why did you take it?