What happened to the pillow?

Notch neckline shift dress – pink from Superbalist

I bought a new dress.

This dress.

I thought it looked light and summery. And pretty damn chic.

Other people did too. But, not the important people aka my nearest and dearest.


Halfway through dinner, my husband looks over to me and says the following:

“So, what happened to the pillow?”

“What pillow?”

He looks meaningfully at the dress while the enormity of his statement hit me full force.

I was horrified.

Yes. I look like I’m wearing a large pink pillowcase.

At least it doesn’t have ruffles.

Also, full disclosure, I took the image from the website. I was not about to take a selfie of in a pillowcase.


In praise of online shopping this Festive Season



Thank you Superbalist

Thank you Takealot

Thank you hellopretty

Thank you Lindy Bop

I managed to handle all my Christmas shopping online and the sheer overwhelming relief I feel at knowing I can avoid malls and shopping centers entirely until January.