We follow and are followed

Another day of grey rain is tracking tears down the window. I suppose it is in its nature to bring about a strange strain of self reflection.

To each a multitude of messiahs

Our disciples cloaked in silk and rags

Hungry for glimpses of some ignoble life

Starving for the scraps of slander

We follow and are followed

A fragile veneer of sepia filters

Cover the momentary mundane

Superb realism in the unreality

Truths built on a multitude of lies

We follow and are followed




Yesterday’s clothes lie in limp dejection on the floor

Coated in the myriad stale scents of life

If only I could shed my skin with such cavalier ease

I’d put it in the wash and hang it in the breeze

Iron out the wrinkles and bleach away the stains

When I put it on again it’ll be several times smaller

And I’ll wiggle and breathe in deep to close the zipper

For a short while I’ll look brand new

Until the signs of wear and tear appear

Because you can’t hide forever from the truth

AtoZ: B is for Balneology

B is for Bubble Bath

The science of the therapeutic benefit of baths.

Most often when I take a bath it is for sanitary reasons, bordered by time constraints, and against the atonal melody of children. There are times however, times when I retreat into my tiled tomb, lock the door and run a decadent bath filled with fragrant bubbles. I lie there in Elizabeth Taylor repose with a glass of wine and a book until the water cools and I emerge like Venus from the waves refreshed.

My silent scream

I am so mad right now I am physically shaking and fighting the urge to just be sick.

Or grab an axe.

I can’t even share what has me so pissed off in the first place and that just makes me madder.

I can’t go outside and let off a scream because the neighbours will panic and call the police.

So instead I am screaming here in bloggosphere.

Block your ears…


I still don’t feel better

I feel like an idiot

I feel lied to

I feel a piece of trash kicked to the curb

I feel sick and dirty and small

I feel like I am caught between a rock and hard place

Knowing that in the end I am the one who end up apologising for overreacting

Knowing that that isn’t true

But I’ll say it to keep the peace


Knowing that nothing is ever going to change

So I may as well just suck it up

And stick a smile on my face

That will never reach my eyes

When what I really want to do

Is crawl into a deep dark warm cave

And just stay there