A slice of Sunshine

At the end of every year, Sunshinegun tries to do something really special for our clients and friends. Something that brings light for the soul, eye or in this case, mouth.

In 2018, we gave everyone a beautiful little box. A box that’s also a baking tray, a baking tray filled with the precise ingredients and recipe for a delicious Sunshine cake.

And yes, Sunshine cake is a real thing, we discovered it in an old recipe book. To make the cake perfect we asked Ottolenghi trained chef, Danielle Postma, to help us. Her touch ensured that, if you followed the recipe, you’d end up with an absolutely perfectly baked, delicious cake.

But, perfection takes more than just precise measurements. That’s where the bake box comes in.

It turns out an incorrect size (volume) baking tray is the prime culprit in many cake-baking catastrophes. So, we sourced Trayforma®; an innovative eco-friendly paperboard. It features an advanced three-layer fibre construction with CTMP in the middle layer, making it lightweight but sti. It has a trick up its sleeve… it can really take the heat. That’s because the white PET coating on the outside makes it oven proof.

You bake the cake right in the box; the box is the perfect sized baking tray. Voila!

So good, it won a Bronze Loerie Award!