Choking on our Cosmopolitans

Cosmopolitan cocktail with lemon garnish

When I started this blog, it was sort of a twisted therapy.

My version of a letter in a bottle.

A way of releasing all the words that bottled up inside me and setting them free in an act of catharsis.

I’ve been silent here for a while. I’ve had to be.

The borders between real and virtual blurred somewhere along the line.

I have to worry about what the people I know in the real world will think when they read my words.

What they’ll see that they don’t want to, that I don’t want them to.

I have to find this new voice – a sort of happy pretend voice.

In the meantime I can’t shove letters into empty bottles and trust the tide to wash them away anymore.

Honesty is a trait we all say we value, but the truth is, that honesty scares us stupid.

Sometimes, coating it in sugar candy is the only way to help it go down.

Even then, we don’t really like the thinly disguised bitter taste.

It makes us choke on our Cosmopolitans.