We’re going on holiday – eventually


When it comes to going on holiday

I like to get there faster

I want to leave at 3 am

5, if there’s a disaster

My family doesn’t give a hoot

They’ll sleep in until 10

As long as they get there

They don’t really care about when

I need to pack the night before

And have a list to help me

They’ll pack as we walk out the door

Because we’re a normal family

I need to be on the road

The sooner is the better

But they have to go to the store

And maybe write a letter

The car is packed and ready

But the tyre is pancake flat

So we wait a little longer

While Dad takes of that

When finally we hit the street

And drive a little way

Something’s got forgotten

So, we have to start again


Happy Holidays

It’s that time of year when I look back at the last one and forward to the next.

2014 is my year of new beginnings, new adventures and new experiences.

This year I will break free of my self-imposed exile.

No more letting life pass me by.

This year I’ll grab life with both hands and dive in the deep end.

Maybe I’ll even go skydiving!

(Yeah, maybe in 2015?)

These are my guidelines for next year.


They’re all common sense, but sometimes common sense eludes me and I need a little reminding.

I must also say thank you to all my friends on WordPress who have seen me through melodrama, ups, downs and in-betweens over the past year.

You know who you are, thank you for your smiles, laughter, comments.

May you all have a magnificent time over the holidays and celebrate life, friends, family, snow, sunshine and tomorrow.

Now I have to go shopping and come with something creative to serve for dinner tomorrow night.

At the rate I am going my poor guests will have to bring and braai!