The flat earth and unicorns

I thought the flat earth was an internet meme. One of those stupid conspiracy things.

No-one really believes that the earth is flat. Do they?

And then I was proved wrong.

A teary daughter arrived home from school devastated after a blazing row with a friend in the school yard.

The argument:

Dinosaurs aren’t real.

The Earth is a flat disk.

The sun and moon orbit the flat Earth.

Gravity is not a thing.

And, here’s the kicker…

Unicorns are real.

“That’s okay if you believe that,” said the daughter, “But, I know dinosaurs existed, the Earth is, in fact, a globe, we are not the center of the universe and gravity doesn’t care if you believe in it or not, it’s just there. And… unicorns are mythological creatures. Currently, we have no proof that they exist or fart rainbows.”

To start with, I found it amusing. Until the reality of it dawned on me.

Here is a bright, intelligent young woman whose mind is already closed off to the enormity of the world and universe in which we live.

It’s pointless trying to argue facts against dogma. Every day we discover new things about our world that challenge how we see ourselves and our place in it. Once you discover something, you can’t simply undiscover it just because you don’t like it.

I’d like unicorns to be real, who wouldn’t? If we discover their existence in a multiverse that would be awesome.

However, you can’t believe they exist in an alternate reality if you think that the Earth is a dinner plate.