After 3 years of working with the Ads24 team, I am astounded at how much we achieved together and how much extraordinary fun we had along the way.

This is just a taste of what we did.

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Ads24 Diski 2017


An integrated Mass Market experience with Ads24

Ads24 Diski received honourable mentions in the global INMA 2017 categories for  Best Idea to Grow Advertising Sales or Retain Advertising Clients. 17621 Ads24 Diski INMA 03

The results

  • Twitter following went up by 5%.
  • Players spent over 10 minutes on the game.
  • Overall, the game exceeded all expectations. With 681 Facebook shares of audience insights, the highest ever.
  • The highest PR average value of any Ads24 campaign in 2017.
  • Over the first two months of the campaign new revenue equated to 17% of total revenue on the three publications.
  • 9% Improvement on sales for the duration of the campaign, curbing the previous year decline in some publications.
  • 811%  Return on Investment
  • A PR AVE of R7.7 million