I Dub this Be Nice to a Creative Day


People seem to think creative people are flaky.

That we’re left of center.

That we’re fragile.

That we’re divas in dire need of a strait jacket.

That we’re children with felt tip pens and craft paper.

It’s not true.

Except for the crazy part. They’ve proved that. Who they are I don’t really know, but apparently creative people are more likely to need a check up from the neck up.

Creative people are some of the hardest workers I know.

Not only do we work our hearts out, we put everything we are into every piece of work no matter how small or how trivial.

We have skins like rhinos, but every now again a bullet tears right through us.

We’ll work through the night.

We’ll work over the weekend, Christmas our birthdays.

We’re not automatons that can survive on no sleep.

We have families, friends, lives and dreams.

We’re not invisible.

We don’t like being sworn at.

We don’t like been insulted in language too offensive to repeat.

We’ll laugh it off, because we know what side our bread buttered.

But that’s okay, as long someone notices what we do, the hours we put in, the ideas we turn out over and over.

Not all the time.

Just sometimes.

It’s nice if someone says, “Thank you”.

Or makes us a cup of coffee.

It costs nothing.

It means everything.

If you work with a creative today, please just get up and offer them a coffee.

They’ll appreciate it.