Blog Action Day: Inequality


I’m appalled, bewildered and downright furious at the response to the Ebola epidemic in West Africa.

An epidemic that would never have begun if the Western world had done something in April! I guess 4,000 black Africans dying don’t really matter?

I’ve learned one valuable lesson out of this fiasco. If I ever contract an infectious disease with an almost 100% fatality rate, I’m going to find the first white American male I can and infect him. Chances are that’s the only way I’ll get some help.

How dare that life be worth more that the men, women and children that have suffered the horror of Ebola and been left to die for no crime other than the continent they live on!

I scrolled the blogs I follow this morning in mounting rage.

Ebola is NOT an American conspiracy to put people in FEMA concentration camps.

Ebola is NOT God’s judgment on gay marriage.

You know what?

Everything is NOT about America!

Contrary to Hollywood’s opinion, the USA is NOT the centre of the entire universe.

And guess what?

The Zaire Ebola strain (that’s the one in Liberia and Sierra Leone, not the one in the Congo.) IS NOT airborne.

It doesn’t work that way. That’s like expecting an ostrich to suddenly learn how to fly. Theoretically it’s possible, but highly unlikely.

The closest to airborne it can get is if you cough up a plug of phlegm and spit it on someone else.

For those few seconds, yes, it will be airborne.

The USA didn’t give a shit when Ebola was confined to Africa, because…?

  1. They don’t actually know where Africa is.
  2. Despite their rhetoric black people dying are irrelevant.
  3. There is no world outside of the USA so why bother.

They may be poor. They may be African. They may not know who Oprah is.

ebolacostumerBut they are deserving of a hell of a lot more damn respect than the kind of people who think an Ebola Hazmat suit is an amusing Halloween costume.

You want to do something about inequality, who about donating to Medecins sans Frontiers?