Many Happy Returns

A pyre of flame
A crowd of people singing my name
Take a breath
And make a thousand secret wishes
Candy and chips load up the dishes

She wants a fancy cake
Ice cream and magic shapes
She wants a Princess encased in cream
More presents than she ever dreamed
Streamers, balloons and a musty smelling clown
Guaranteed to turn a frown upside down

Small girl stands face contorted with fear
She cannot extinguish all the fire
Face burning bright to the laughter of her peers
How many boyfriends does she have this year?

These days I hold my breath to see
If a lover is waiting in the wings for me
Pretend that’s it’s not such a big deal
Don’t really want the whole birthday spiel
But, that small girl inside these womanly curves
Still deserves to be a Queen for a day
And invite her friends to come and play

Another year older and deeper in debt
Light up another cheap cigarette