Bloggers are a funny lot.

Don’t get all offended.

We are. I am.

Embrace the oddity.

One of the things we like to do, which sadly most of us don’t in our non-virtual lives, is give acknowledgement to other bloggers.

Blog awards are sort of virtual chains that don’t condemn you to burn in hell for all eternity if you don’t send them on.

I have been very lucky to have been nominated for some lovely awards and have been rather remiss in accepting them of late.

Thank you

Shaun @ for the Best Moment Award, the Loyal Reader Award, the Rose of Kindness and the Semper Fidelis Award. Many thanks also for late night chats on Skype and helping me avoid work. There should be an award for that. Maybe I’ll make one.

Tersia @ for the Loyal Reader Award. You are always an inspiration to me and all your readers.

Two-Time-Best-Moment-Award-Winner The Best Moment Award

The award was created by and each time you win it you can visit the site to pick up the next picture. It awards moments that made you think, made you laugh and gave you some respite.

loyalreaderawardThe Loyal Reader Award

Sadly, I do not know where this originated, but it goes out to those who always make the effort to pop past and have a squizz at what’s going on.


The Semper Fidelis Award

This was created by to award readers who are faithful and loyal.


The Rose of Kindness

This is a very special award created by Tersia at It acknowledges such a simple human truth, that kindness can make all the difference. It commemorates her beautiful daughter who sadly passed away after a long battle earlier this year.

This award is perfect for the upcoming Mandela Day. As an act of kindness, clear out your closet, your bookshelves, your kitchen or your attic and donate the stuff you don’t need anymore to people who do.

I would like to nominate you, whoever you are, for these awards.

Just being here you have given me a good moment, lent me your ear and shown me an act of kindness.

I hope you will send them on to the people who inspire you.

See below…

For some more awards other wonderful bloggers have given me.


26 thoughts on “Awards

  1. Sisterhood of the world bloggers award
    Yes you are being Awarded this by a man
    Below is my reasons:

    I ask in the name of FUN and good manners you accept!
    If you have this already, put it up again and add this:
    “I got this from a man called Shaun”
    😀 I think this would be good fun..

    So I award you the “Sisterhood of the world bloggers award”
    Please accept x Award Below!

      1. Where you been hiding? Love the new pic and blog look..
        You are like a new person 🙂 x

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