Friday Fictioneers: Mirror, Mirror


“Mirror! Who has the fairest house of all?”

“”As the answer is basically everyone, it’s hard to be specific.” answered the Mirror.

“Oh, come on!” said Happy, “It’s not a bad place.”

“Dream on,” said Grumpy, “It’s a dump. Ever since Snow White traipsed off, the  birds and woodland creatures haven’t been seen.”

With respect,” ventured Doc, “Sneezy’s allergies mean that they can’t stay too long without getting all their feathers blown off.”

“We could ask Dopey…”

“Don’t be stupid Bashful,” spat Grumpy, “The whole place would collapse.”

“Has anyone seen Sleepy?” piped up Dopey,

“He’s been buried alive under the dirty underpants!” replied Doc sadly.

“If I may,” interjected the Mirror, “Might I suggest a match and some gasoline?”



PHOTO PROMPT © Nathan Sowers grandson of our own Dawn M. Miller


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