Ads24 Waar of Wolhaar


With #fakenews trending, people don’t know what content they can trust, making the choice of platforms to advertise brands difficult. Afrikaans platforms aren’t top of mind when planning. In the digital planning world, it is programmatic first with little consideration of the implications if an advertisement ends amongst fake news.

‘Waar of Wolhaar’ was created to tap into the #fakenews trend in order to demonstrate the value and credibility of real news. The game showcased and highlighted Afrikaans to demonstrate the uniqueness of this community, their love for their language and to reignite advertisers’ interest in them as a market.

Our strategy was to identify a mechanism that would allow us to:

  1. Build the credibility of REAL news platforms.
  2. Demonstrate the value of the Afrikaans market in South Africa.
  3. Showcase Ads24 ability to target the market effectively and increase sales across our Afrikaans titles.

The South Africa market is diverse and we aimed to emphasise the value of the Afrikaans community to regain advertisers interest.

‘Waar of Wolhaar’ was developed as a very relevant, South African, Afrikaans game using Afrikaans (and South African) phrases, words and topical information to create hysterical ‘true or false’ combinations.

Audience members played a round of the game onstage with South African renowned comedian, Jason Goliath. Exciting spot prizes (Apple watches) were handed out to the funniest answers. Throughout the day the audience was encouraged to share their favourite ‘Afrikaans Audience insight’ via the Twitter hashtag #inroADS24 and to follow us on Twitter.

Everyone received a pack of ‘Waar of Wolhaar’ cards to play at home, incorporating three unique promotional advertising deals. Among the game cards, which spice up any dull dinner party, were some intriguing insights – did you know that Afrikaans speakers are twice as likely as your average South African to shop online?


The results


  • A 411% increase in advertising sales as a direct result of the activation is the true measure of its success.
  • A 20% increase in Twitter followers during the roadshow.
  • A 2001% increase in Twitter engagement.
  • An average rate of 4:32 views on Netwerk24 making it the most engaged brand on
  • R 3 126 111 worth of overall brand exposure in terms of PR and the reach of #inroADS24 – that’s approximately R1 million more than the average Ads24 has ever received.

16836_Media 24_AMASA Entry_Afrikaans Market_V5-1


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