Beyond the River


What happens when you put two very different men, from different cultures, with nothing to connect them but a love for the sport they share and the ambition to succeed?

This morning I was to come up a with witty, clever, sharp little line for the new movie “Beyond the River.”

Having watched the trailer and the interviews for more perspective, I somehow find myself wishing that I hadn’t. It would’ve been a lot easier to be witty and funny without having sat in my office chair with tears falling down my face.

It’s an amazing story inspired by true events.

Beyond the River is the nail-biting true story of two men whose quest to win gold connects them on and beyond the river. It is based on the story of Piers Cruikshanks of Dabulamanzi Canoe Club and Siseko Ntondini of the Soweto Canoe and Recreation Club who, against all odds, won gold in the 2014 Dusi Canoe Marathon.”

Take a few minutes and watch the trailer…

As a new rower (not canoer) and the parent of a committed rower, this movie pulls all sorts of heartstrings for me. And although many of the rowers I know would scoff at creating any sort of link between the two sports, this story so evocatively communicates the bond that exists between any crew (whether they row forwards or backwards, with blades or a paddle).

The first year I watched the Germiston High School Rowing Club and Soweto Rowing Club row they were outclassed and outnumbered in every event by the elite private schools on the water. For most of them it was the very first time they’d rowed on the water, having trained only on second and third-hand rowing machines. It’s been 3 years and they’re bringing home gold in every regatta. Their commitment, loyalty and sheer tenacity prove that you can achieve the impossible, if you only believe and work towards your dreams with every ounce of mind, body and spirit.

Now, somehow I have to pour all this emotion out and get back to short, snappy, witty headlines.

Find out more about this incredible journey:

Facebook: @BeyondtheRiverMovie



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