The Kids Day Spa


Pushing out a baby is not something one tends to forget, no matter how many years pass. So, why my daughter’s birthday took me by surprise I don’t know. Well I do, but it’s very unflattering to my time management techniques. I thought I had another week.

After making up for lapse of scheduling, I spent the better part of Sunday night making cupcakes by the dozen. Literally, 4 dozen. Enough to cure me of wanting to eat a cupcake for another year (okay, maybe a week).

Things were exacerbated by my husband’s desire to stop buying stuff for gifts and start buying experiences. My daughter has no idea to launch herself out of a plane, swim with sharks or walk a high wire, but she is utterly enamoured of ‘The Spa’.

To make up for my parental lapse of judgement, I whisked her off to the Life Day Spa Kids. I didn’t even know this existed until I tried to book a treatment for her and was directed to the kids’ spa.

And, because the whole cupcake baking thing was so stressful I booked for me too with a Mom And Me Treatment.

The kids’ spa is incredible. One floor below the main grown up spa, is an enormously fun space. Jacuzzis bubbling away, a coffee bar for moms (or dads) (or grannies)(or anyone), a gorgeous dressing room with lockers and kid’s sized dressing gowns. It’s okay to be a kid. No-one will shush you.

We were ushered into a treatment room for a full body massage where we were massaged into limp noodles for a hour of bliss.

Then off to personalise our own salt scrub and body lotion choosing scents and colours. Carting a box of hot popcorn we settled down in the pedi-section for little foot love. I now have shiny blue toenails and Madam has alternating blue and glittery purple ones.

It was a great birthday surprise and experience – one I hope to repeat sooner rather than later.

They also offer a full range of infant massage and hydrotherapy, a hair salon and birthday parties. If you feel like taking a girls’ day out with your mini-me, take them here. It’s probably the least exhausting child-centered activity I’ve ever undertaken – the polar opposite of the Magic Centre.

Life Day Spa Fourways, Design Quarter District, 2 Nicol Grove, Magaliesig, Fourways, Johannesburg

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