Have a TAD


In the heart of Maboneng, through a tiny unassuming gate, into a sunny courtyard and behind a darkened glass door lies TAD – The Time Anchor Distillery.

sunshinegun-tad-2That’s where Shanna-Rae and Warrick mix alchemy and science to create some truly unique, small batch, artisan gins, vodkas, rums and whiskeys.

As you walk in the door the scents and aromas embrace your senses and like a fish on a hook you can’t help but be drawn in.

Everything is made on the premises in gigantic copper stills surrounded by huge jars in which float a variety of herbs and spices.

sunshinegun-tad-16Bright red chillies, juniper berries and sacks of barley and grain lie in piles on crates awaiting their future.

Although Shanna-Rae described the science behind every step, it still seems more like entering Gandalf’s lair than a laboratory.

Despite the science, I firmly believe that it’s the magic, the heart that makes this place so incredible.

sunshinegun-tad-4Shanna Rae’s passion for what she does is palpable in every word and gesture. She places every label on every bottle, wax seals every cork or lid and, until very recently, hand-filled every single bottle. That’s craftsmanship.

They’re open for tours every weekend (take an Uber). It’s a great way to hide away from the rain, escape the mundane or buy a really fabulous gift for a connoisseur of fine spirits.



Web: timeanchor.co.za

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/timeanchor/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/time_anchor_distillery/

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