Consider It Done

Ice cream

I love sugary sweetness.

I’ve loved it all my life.

Condemned to incompleteness.

I’ve had to cut it from my life.

Not the best poem ever, but a life without sugar has tested the limits of my creativity. I’m now used to having no sugar in my tea and no chocolate, but certain things still make me groan in misery.

Like ice cream.

No ice cream?

The future – a barren ice creamless wasteland?

Bemoaning the sadness of my fate to everyone who still listens to me whining, my story found the ear of Carla Wesley. Now, she runs this fabulous company called ‘Consider it done’. Think of it like an everyday concierge service.

She went out and found me sugar-free ice cream made by Helen Robinson, a woman who deserves to be canonized – St Helen of the ice cream.

At sparrow’s fart on Sunday morning Carla arrived at rowing training with a tub full of toasted coconut sugar-free ice cream – handmade for me.

Last night when everyone was sleeping, I crept to the freezer, grabbed a spoon and indulged in a late night movie and ice cream marathon.

Whatever I was expecting, it wasn’t what I got.

That ice cream is without a doubt the best ice cream I have ever eaten. Better than Häagen-Dazs, better than Ben and Jerry’s Cookie Dough. It was toe curling, mind blowing and out of this world. It has ruined me for all other ice cream.

So, if there’s something out of the ordinary you need or want – whether it be sugar-free ice cream or a pink spotted rhino in a onesie, Carla will find it for you. She’s good like that.

Link here to Consider it Done

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