Day 3: I had a dream…

sugar craving

It was a wonderful dream. Filled with the sound of the wrapper tearing, the scent of sweet toffee and the divine taste of melting chocolate on my tongue. I could’ve stayed there forever quite happy.

Then someone woke me up.

You’d think I was brought up a Catholic the way I was wracked with guilt. I didn’t even really eat the damn thing and I felt like I needed to go to confession.

Then I discovered another challenge to this whole healthy eating vibe – Eating out.

Suddenly, you can’t just order something that catches your eye, you have to research the blessed ingredients. Waiters must dread people like me.

I saw the menu and my hunger reacted with a “Hell, yeah!” to the idea of a lamb burrito.

“I’d like the lamb burrito please, but can I have a wheat free tortilla and no rice?”

I was rolling my eyes at myself.


The Husband just sat down and told me that I have to survive 90 days before I can safely call myself sugar-free. That’s 3 months! That’s like forever! I’m just trying to survive each minute here. I might have to join AA to get through this. I swear sugar is like crack, only sweeter.

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