Shaleine on Nola


Once upon a time before school runs, 9-to-5s and all that grown-up stuff, I used to spend hours getting my hair done, my legs waxed, my nails painted. I was massaged, buffed and polished to within an inch of life. Then real life happened.

So, when my neighbour mentioned she was opening a home facial salon, I responded with some alacrity.

When she told me I could make an appointment after 6pm, I didn’t waste any time. In fact, I was off poodling down Nola Avenue as fast as I could go.

Shaleine on Nola receptionThis was no amateur hour. No Steel Magnolias. This was the real deal. A beautiful salon set in a lovely garden in Buccleuch.

I was greeted with some trepidation by a tiny Yorkshire Poodle and a golden dachshund. That’s the kind of thing you don’t get in a flashy, high street spa.

The salon itself is beautiful. Professional, but welcoming. Peaceful, but intimate. Clean, but not clinical.

After a normal workday that had left me feeling a little like that one sock that gets stuck on the window of the washing machine during the spin cycle, a hour of pampering seemed like my idea of heaven.

Shaleine on Nola Home SpaMaddy is a licensed practitioner and trained in Dr. Gobac cosmeceutical products. They designed to be very gentle and prompt your skin to get off its walker, check out of the nursing home and join Walk For Life.

After an hour of being gently massaged, exfoliated, steamed and moisturized, I felt and looked like a new person.

I was so relaxed that when I finally wandered back off home, I didn’t make a single comment about towels on the floor, homework not done or tiny Lego pieces like minute, deadly landmines all over the floor. I was so blissed out I simply refused to unbalance my zen.

If you’re ever in my neck of the woods, I highly recommend giving Maddy a call and stripping away a couple of years in an hour.

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