The day I cleaned house

My mother’s reaction…


“No! Maybe. Probably, but look how clean my house is!”

My husband’s reaction…


My daughter’s reaction…


That was true. I was practicing classic work avoidance.

Son 1’s reaction…


Son 2’s reaction…


My domestic’s reaction…


I was badly underwhelmed by the amount of positive cleaning reinforcement I’ve received.

Also, if someone puts something down on the recently rediscovered dining room table I may kill them.

Shortly after the birth of my darling daughter I was headed straight into OCD mental breakdown.

Then my mother said…


Most of the time I consciously surrender to the chaos of hockey sticks, gum guards, coloured pencils and teeny-tiny pieces of Lego.

But sometimes…

Just sometimes…


Quentin Tarantino style.







4 thoughts on “The day I cleaned house

  1. Yesterday was my day off and I almost never do housework, but I did 2 loads of laundry, cleaned dishes, baked cookies with my son, and cooked dinner. All voluntarily except for the last one. No overjoyed reaction from my husband but rather, “This is what I do all the time”.

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