Puppy loving


I wanted a pet ferret.

I really really wanted a pet ferret.

Because – seriously? How cute are they?

I told my husband that ferrets make excellent pets and that everyone says so.

He replied that ferret owners only say that to make you take their ferret.

That’s okay. I’m over the ferret thing. Sort of.

But I do want a new puppy.

10367721_10152222356801116_1025044086248377177_nMy beloved Staffie, Billy Bob, (he was named William Robert, but his red neckedness deemed the nickname more appropriate), was put to sleep after his arthritis became to painful for him to walk.

As a result Bonnie Prince Charlie, the beagle cross bloodhound, has spent a week moping around in anguished boredom.

Following my thin end of the wedge strategy, which collapsed with the babysitting of Angus, I took my daughter to the Ark Animal Centre on Sunday morning.

This is devious I know, but I don’t want to wait the six months stated unequivocally by my spouse.

I’m impatient that way, blame it on Mercury being in retrograde or something.

10389494_10152244660566116_8534234446939200477_nThe Ark Animal Centre is a home for rescued puppies and pregnant Moms (not the human kind) in Fourways, Johannesburg.

The puppies are fostered out to homes before adoption so that they learn about manners and peeing outside and not climbing on couches.Very important things.

Alexandra and I spent a lovely two hours having puppies climb all over us.

The fabulous people there are utterly committed to helping dogs and finding puppies new homes.

Sadly, they’ve just become aware of three plots where over 150 dogs live in semi-feral conditions producing puppies like… well like… rabbits.


They need to raise R6 000 to spay and neuter these dogs so that they don’t produce any more delicious little mini-me’s.

At the moment they have at least 8 puppies from these dogs riddled with ringworm and worse.

Please, if you can, make a donation.

To neuter one dog costs around R300 and every little bit counts.


Their banking details are:

Ark Animal Centre

FNB Cheque Account: 62335841301

Branch: Broadacres Code: 204809



Find them on Facebook: arkanimalcentre.co.za/

Find them online: http://www.arkanimalcentre.co.za/about

Find them on WordPress at www.arkanimalcentre.wordpress.com



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