Poetry Prompt #51: Sensory Overload


It started with a subtle knocking

That grew louder and louder

Like an unwelcome visitor at the door

Ignoring them won’t make them go away

It just makes them knock even more

It felt like someone jabbed my eyeball

With a sharp little toothpick skewer

That got more and more pronounced

As my intelligent thoughts grew fewer

It looked like someone turns the lights on

Brighter than a burning sun

And then added some strobes

Just for the hell of it, just for fun

It sounded like the world was shouting

All at once and very loud

Like I was standing in the middle

Of a very angry crowd

Then all at once it all switched off

A power outage in my brain

And that my darlings it what we call

The mother of all migraines


I’ve spent the better part of a week somewhere in the lower levels of hell. I had a migraine. Not a very bad headache. If you say ‘a very bad headache’ I shall have to kill you. Slowly and painfully with a blunt cafeteria spoon.

  • A bad headache does not leave you heaving on the office bathroom floor.
  • A bad headache does not make an adult woman cry for her Mommy.
  • A bad headache will go away with some aspirin.

A migraine won’t.

A migraine makes you feel like you are dying.

Or that dying would offer a welcome respite.

My Mommy bought me a migraine pack and took me home to her house and tucked me in bed with a large golden retriever named Angus.

My doctor gave me two pricks in my bottom and sent me home rattling with prescription medication.

That almost succeeded where the migraine had failed in making me shed this mortal coil.

“It might make you dizzy,” she said.

She was right. It made me dizzy, nauseous and catatonic.

I lay there immobile and wondered how my children would react to the sight of my cold dead body in the morning.

It felt like an elephant was sitting on my chest and bouncing up and down.

I had to take a day’s leave just to rid myself of the cobwebs.

Actually, I passed out after dropping the kids at school and the security guard had to wake me up with a glass of sugar water. Yuck.

So I went home and slept for 18 hours.

I still feel like the extra on the Walking Dead could learn a thing or two from me, but at least I am back to doing a passing resemblance of a human being.

6 thoughts on “Poetry Prompt #51: Sensory Overload

  1. Migraines SUCK!!!! I had one that lasted 3 months!! I thought I was going to die, I couldn’t eat at all and barely slept! I am so sorry you had suffer! Many prayers of healing God bless!

  2. I’ve had migraines since my early 20s, so I can sympathize. For me the crappy thing I’ve been getting lately is sinus headaches + migraines, so my entire head hurts. Getting those at work sucks.

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