Poetry Prompt #42: Reprimand


Contrary to popular opinion

There is not a host of little minions

Working hard behind the scenes

To keep your socks and undies clean

Despite what you might think

There is no missing magic link

No abracadabra magic prose

That levitates your dirty clothes

While you sleep perchance to dream

I scream a million silent screams

I wish we had a team of gnomes

Or at least two extra housekeeper clones

So here’s the way it’s going to be

And we shall see what we shall see

I shall leave them lying on the floor

And not fold them nicely in the drawer

How many days do you think it’ll take

Before one morn you come awake

And naked have to go to school

Feeling like a total fool

Just pick your clothes up off the floor

I know it seems like such a bore

But at least your bottom will be clothed

And none of your wiggly bits exposed


I think this resonates with every mother of small boys ever. Mine no longer believe in Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny, but still believe that fairies magically pick up their dirty underwear, wash it and put it back.

6 thoughts on “Poetry Prompt #42: Reprimand

  1. Ah Victoria, sounds like a line at my house years ago when my kids were little and thought something similar. Though mine tended to leave most things on the floor so we’d play ‘lets find the carpet’ as a way of cleaning up. I did so relate.

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