Friday Fictioneers: U2


I know you’re there. I can feel you looking at me.

What? I didn’t say anything.

You didn’t need to.

I’m just interested.

You’re hovering like a demented dragonfly.

Am not.

Are too. Just go.

I know you’re still there.


I can hear you huffing and puffing like a fairytale wolf.

I don’t huff. Listen, I’m going.

You’re marching in one place.

Damn. You’re good. So?

So, what?

So, have you figured out how to get U2 across the river yet?

Go away!



You’re totally Googling yourself aren’t you?

G.E.T. O.U.T.

Yup, we’ve all had conversations like these with brothers, sisters, room mates. Yup, and you were totally Googling yourself while pretending to be doing hectic research on something. It’s cool. No judgement.

So, the question is…

Can you get U2 across the river?

See the riddle here.

Friday Fictioneers is a fun way to inspire yourself with a prompt each week and 100 words to paint a picture. Head over to Rochelle and get started.

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27 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: U2

  1. I loved it when one of them pretending to go away but they were just marching on the spot – I remember doing that! Brilliant!
    (And yes the concert can go ahead, but I’m not sure I did it in five minutes)

  2. Victoria, I’m also too old to have heard that conversation but I’m sure I’ve heard similar conversations between my kids when they were younger. Not about the computer though. Kids can always think of something to argue about. Funny and well written. 🙂 —Susan

  3. There’s nothing worse than someone looking over your shoulder while you’re Googling yourself or trying unsuccessfully to get U2 across the river 🙂

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