Poetry Prompt 26: A modern fairytale


Write a poem that is a modern day take on a classic fairy tale.

Snow White’s tale is full of woe

More than your usual reality show

There’s beautiful fashion, an evil queen

And a handsome prince upon your screen

Snow White was born with a face so fair

Pale skin, red lips and raven hair

A loving father, the King, of course

And a dying mother thrown from her horse

Enter the new wife, the evil queen

Nipped, tucked and botoxed to the extreme

Her boobs were high, her bum was fit

Her skin was always softly lit

Snow White’s young beauty drove her wild

And the Queen loathed that pretty child

When Anna Wintour gave her the cover spread

The Queen and her agent quickly met

“I don’t care what you have to do

I want her destroyed and you do too”

The villains quickly put online

A plan nefarious as it was divine

A tape was played on the News at ten

Of Snow White and seven little men

The sex tape was an almighty hit

And Snow White was crowned the new Miss It.

The Queen was furious and clenched her fist

She hired an assassin on Craig’s List

For $200 she wanted her dead

And for 200 more she wanted her head

Snow White of course was a savvy lass

She paid him double to take a pass

She told the tabloids and the press

She was heading for rehab for a rest

Instead she moved in with her seven little men

And practiced yoga to find her zen

They did their best to keep her safe

But against their rules, the girl did chaff

One day when they were out at work

She logged onto her social network

She Facebooked, tweeted and Instagrammed

And the Queen began to plot and plan

One day right at Snow White’s door

Appeared a box from Christian Dior

A diamond encrusted Apple iPhone

Snow White’s mind was completely blown

“OMG!” the girl did cry

“I swear, I think, I might totally die!”

She did not know that the phone was hacked

And the odds were now against her stacked

The virus spread from phone to brain

Snow White screamed from the terrible pain

They did their best they really did

But Snow White the dust had definitely bit

All of a sudden from a Mustang alit

A handsome Prince in a Pringle knit

He thumped the Princess hard on the back

She coughed, she spluttered and gave a hack

The Apple was prized from the palm of her hand

The virus deleted along with the spam

The Prince and Snow White kissed and kissed

And not a kiss did the paparazzi miss

The two were married on Valentine’s Day

Justin Bieber gave the girl away

Kim and Kanye could have swooned

They two were married in Versailles’ ballroom


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I write because I have to. It is a compulsion. I do it to vent, to laugh and to remember. I blog because it has been so long since I had to write with a pen that my hand would go into cramp if I tried to write a journal.

19 thoughts on “Poetry Prompt 26: A modern fairytale

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  2. As well as a talent for rhythm and rhyme you obviously have a wonderful sense of humour. I think this is my favourite response so far to one of Pooky’s Prompts. I keep going back and reading it. Have to share.

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