Speak no Evil

PERSON-WITH-HAND-OVER-THEIR-MOUTH-facebookWords have power.

Yes they do.

That’s why I need to learn to watch the ones that slip out of my mouth and dance through the universe spreading chaos and havoc.

Some might say horrible coincidence.

Some might say I just made someone die.

Either way I feel a sense of nagging guilt.

Here’s the back story.

My walking buddy was invited to a tea on Saturday that turned out to be an Amway sales pitch. Beaten and cowed she signed some form just to be able to go home, whereupon she was told she had to attend a meeting on Monday night.

Blithely I said, “Don’t worry, just say that someone died and you can’t go.”

Last night I received an SMS just before our walk – “Just to let you know that a friend just had a family member pass away”.

My first reaction?

Are you trying to do an Amway on me to get out of our exercise ritual?

No, someone actually died.

She didn’t have to go to the Amway meeting, but we did have our walk.

I put it out there.

I didn’t mean literally for someone to die. I meant an invisible friend should figuratively pass over.

Now I feel like a psychic murderer.

Worse than that, I’ve started to wonder if I can do it again.

I could be a psychic serial killer.

A psychic psychopath.

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