Go to the gym

Ladies Doing Exercise in the 1920s (6)

I went on a tour of a new gym last night.

My tactic is to force acknowledgement that I am the lowest common denominator.

Scratch that, I am below the lowest common denominator.

My idea of a workout is taking my dogs for a walk around the neighborhood.

There are sloths who are fitter than me.

I walked through the room of sweating, panting people in varying shades of pastel lycra and looked at the array of equipment as I imagine one of Torquemada’s many victims stared in horror at the rack.

I haven’t signed up yet. I still have to endure an assessment. Sounds more like a trial by humiliation, but I’ll get there.


4 thoughts on “Go to the gym

  1. The worst part of the assessment is when they take a chunk of fat from your waist and measure it with this special vernier tool. They then subtract skin thickness and tell you how much FAT you have as a [percentage in your body. Divide your total body weight and you have the amount of fat in your body.
    Then divide that by 5 and times by 10 and you have the number of butter packs that you would be an accurate representation of the fat in your system. (mine is over 30 – eeeugh)

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