AtoZ: J is for Johannesburg


Here’s to Jo’burg, my city.

She may not have the Statue of Liberty or Big Ben, but we love her anyway. Warts and all.

And for more fun, this weekend I’m taking part in the Johannesburg version of Pharrell’s “I’m Happy”.


7 thoughts on “AtoZ: J is for Johannesburg

  1. Joburg, oh Joburg. I don’t think of the city as female, but it did teach me everything I know today. Not all of the things I learnt were good for me, but it taught me survival, and a sense of humour and how to be flexible and how to be tolerant and how to be patient and how to have fun and stay relatively safe and it taught me love for another nation, which, in turn taught me how to love myself. Oh Joburg my Joburg!

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