AtoZ: H is for Holidays or Hibernation

A parched survivor in the desert, my skin blistered and torn from crawling through endless grains of sand, I can see in the distance a shimmering light.

Could it be? An oasis? A brief respite from this endless toil?

My arms outstretched toward this miracle afraid to believe it won’t be snatched from me, a cruel mirage.

Yes, the school holidays are almost here and I am holding on by a thread for a blessed month of relief from homework, long division, extra murals and waking up before the birds.

I am not a morning person. I do open my eyes and sing “The Early Morning Singing Song”.

My mother does. It’s appalling. Not her singing, but the sheer joy with which she greets each new day.

Mornings for me should start with a gentle awakening with rays of sunlight teasing me from deep slumber.

south-africa-pistorius-trialThey should not start with radio reruns of the Oscar Pistorius vomiting in court.

My clock radio can only receive one station and Oscar’s woes seem to be its only content at the moment.

Trust me, it doesn’t make me start my day with a hop, skip and a jump.

In the morning I resemble an extra from the Walking Dead.

zombie-woman1I speak in grunts as I drag my unwilling limbs across the floor.

In order to be at all useful I have to down enormous amounts of strong sweet tea before I cope with the ritual of breakfasts and school lunches.

The sight of food inducing spasms of nausea before my metabolism can even consider sustenance.

I swore when I finished school that I would never wake up so dearly again. I spoke too soon. These days I wake up even earlier than I did throughout those 12 long years so long ago.

My beloved daughter cannot fathom the necessity of rising in the dark.

She is convinced I am waking her up earlier and earlier as some macabre parental abuse.

Quotation-Janet-Evanovich-hate-Meetville-Quotes-27082 I can’t seem to explain that its not me, but the sun that’s getting up later.

Anyway I entirely agree with her. It is barbaric.

The two of us are crossing off the days until break up, holding on to sleeping until we wake up and going to bed when we feel like it.

Her oldest brother has just hit puberty and all he wants to do is sulk and sleep in equal doses.

Annoyingly, her other brother takes after my mother and rises with smiles and bouncing that somehow exacerbates our lethargy.

If only we hibernated.

Someone should write an App for that or start a petition or something.

Off you go.



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