AtoZ: D is for Droll


OMG. I have to write something for D and my mind has gone completely blank.

Blankety blank blank blank.

D is for Delete because that seems to be all I’ve been doing.
I’ve tried D is for Darling and it didn’t go anywhere.
I tried D is for Dedication, but it obviously isn’t because I deleted that too.

I’m trying free association now…
Dog | Doughnuts | Daughter | Daddy | Doolittle | Dream | Daphne | David | Dreadful | Droll | Dim

D is for

Did you know that dim is the official designation for people with IQ lower than 70?

Now that’s quite interesting. Maybe I can work with that…

D is for Dim.

Dim people were also referred to as…

Cretins. The word apparently comes from the French word for Christian. Cretins were considered unable to sin and almost Christ-like. We don’t call people cretins anymore. It’s not done.

Idiots. This means you have the mental age of a two year old. This still applies to many people, cockateels and iguanas. If I call you an idiot I am being rude to 2 year olds.

Imbeciles. I like this one. You can’t blame being an imbecile on your parents and you’re even less intelligent than an idiot.

Morons. Morons are partially more intelligent than idiots. They have a mental age of between 8 and 12. If I call you a moron I am being nice.

D is for damn, that didn’t exactly turn into anything worthwhile.

D is for do nothing and watch the cursor blink. Blink. Blink.

How terribly droll, darling.
Make me a cup of tea darling?



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