AtoZ: A is for Apathy

A is for apathy

I was going to write about the time I went to a fancy dress party themed ‘Something beginning with A’ in a tiny sexy Army uniform and got goosed by an Arab and an Apache.

I was, but I won’t.

I won’t because the start of April has coincided with the re-emergence of the black dog of depression. I wonder if Winston Churchill ever named his or if, like mine, it remained a ghostly stalking apparition?

Hopefully this will not set the tone for the rest of my A to Z.


14 thoughts on “AtoZ: A is for Apathy

  1. Love these words. I imagined them being sung to the music of the band Killswitch Engage (apologies if you don’t like metal). Powerful stuff. I don’t think I have depression (does everyone sufferer start by uttering these words?), but I feel I swing closer each time I get hit with…whatever it is. You have my sympathies (and my axe!), keep fighting the good fight.

    From a fellow A toZ’er, Paul M. Feeney.

  2. The humor of your opening gives hope that this depression will give way to positive thoughts; otherwise you’ll be on a suicide watch before you get to Q. Seriously, the pairing of the photo and poem are powerful. (Look at me — already up to “P”!)
    Visiting from A to Z ~

  3. Considering that apathetic is how I’ve been feeling for the past three years or so, this really hit close to home. You described the feelings perfectly.

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