Flash Fiction – Time’s a Ticking On


So, I missed the deadline for the prompt for Week Twelve, but decided to post it anyway.

Prompt: Suffering a mid-life crisis, a man on the eve of his fiftieth birthday quits his job and goes on a  quest to “get the band back together.”

When you closer to death than birth a man’s life gets put in perspective. There’s not all that much time left to do the things you want and a lot of time to regret the things you didn’t.

In 10 hours and 51 minutes I’ll be an old man. If I’ve got to be an old man, I want to be like the picture of Mick Jagger rocking it out on my daughter’s wall.

I’ve got 10 hours and 50 minutes left and damn it all to hell if I’m not going get the boys back together for one last jam.

So, I told the boss he could shuffle his own paper, I got some soft shoe shuffling to do and I shuffled my brogues right out of the door.

I threw my suit in the trashcan and dug out my old Van Halen shirt. The soft cotton felt like coming home.

I tracked down Hoover at an accountancy firm in Dallas living the picket fence life.

Paige was sitting in his trailer with a bucket of ice-cold Coors, marking time he said.

AJ was still working construction living in his kid’s back room and tying to stay sober.

We’ve become a pretty sad bunch all things considered. All our grand dreams turned out to be nothing but elusive Vegas neon. Well, things are gonna change. And they’re gonna change today.

We’re going to hit the ground, play some honky tonks, drive real fast and grab each second we’ve got left with both hands.

No more watching the clock tick away the seconds. I’m going in my coffin with thumping bass and the riff of a jazz guitar. Even if it kills me.

You can into the Flash Fiction Challenge on http://thaininvain.com/2014/03/27/flash-fiction-challenge-prompt-thirteen-2/



5 thoughts on “Flash Fiction – Time’s a Ticking On

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  2. Nice opening! It’s very true! Doing what you’re supposed to do can eat up a lot of time! I like each band member’s story! You should flesh this out to a bigger piece! Nice work! Do you mind if I post it on Thain in Vain with the other flash fiction submissions? And can we expect another one from you next week?!?!?

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