Friday Fictioneers – Hope


I really need to find something cheerful to write about for next week!

Friday Fictioneers is a weekly flash fiction photo prompt.

1 photo. 100 words. (More or less, give or take)

Pop over to

Please visit some of the other intrepid writers who write each week. I hope I have finally figured out the link thingmajig. Just click on it and you’ll see all entries for the week.


27 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Hope

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  2. Dear Victoria,

    I tend to write on the dark side as well. Not always a bad thing, but every so often I like to throw people off by writing something light or even humorous. It all depends on what my muse is saying. “Not all ghosts are dead.” Bravo! Well done.



  3. Victoria, excellent story and last line. I liked that there was still life and hope, which maybe your narrator needs to focus on. I also like the way you edited the photo to better mimic your story. But yes, a bit more upbeat soon might be good. However, there are plenty FF who are rarely upbeat, so if your muse is dark, you’re in good company.


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