Power Down


Last night the power went out.

No panic.

I called Eskom and a lovely lady assures me my account was in credit and  there was no reason for my home to be isolated in darkness.

A sweetheart of a technician came and flipped the switch at the mains box and restored light to the dark.

At some point during the night the rain seeping into the mains box resulted in what ever happens when large amounts of H2O come into contact with large amount electricity.


This morning.

No power.

No alarm clock.

No school run.

No coffee.

No electric gate motor.

No husband. (Not his fault, he’s in Dubai)

No Xanax.

No Eskom.

Why no Eskom this morning after they were so solicitous last night?

Today load shedding begins.

This means that everyone is calling them or logging onto their website to complain.

So, I can’t get through with my Armageddon electrical disaster.

Discovery Health may have to pay for the Xanax and a stint in an upmarket recovery spa.

Hence the need for an ICD10 code.

They can charge the bill to Eskom.

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