Friday Fictioneers – The Last Man

friday fictioneers Vengeance 2

Last week’s story received a lot of incredible feedback so, I thought to answer a few of the questions raised, I’d see what happened next in Vengeance.

Thank you to Sandra Crook for this image, I took some liberties in recoloring it to suit the story a little.

Friday Fictioneers is a weekly flash fiction photo prompt.

1 photo. 100 words. (More or less, give or take)

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Please take a moment to click on one of the links below to read what others have done with this week’s prompt.

I love seeing how this story unfolds every week –

This is a poignant tableaux of love and loss –

I liked this very Kardashian moment –

Sandra the provider of the beautiful photo this week has unleashed the dogs of war –


48 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – The Last Man

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  3. I like the relationship in sound between ‘weight’ and ‘eight’. Each word bounces back from and to the other. It is a disquieting rhyme and juxtaposition. It is incongruous that an eight-year-old should feel ‘weight’. It disturbs. I really like this and will steal the technique!

      • And I forgot to say: sometimes, using a well-known expression like ‘weight of the world’ would be exactly appropriate. It depends on the nature and construction of the piece. And you might have a character who would talk in cliches. In your piece, it works admirably, in my opinion of course, for the reasons already given. πŸ™‚

  4. This was so full of passion and pain. It somehow conjured up images of War and a child fending for himself. Lovely imagery.

  5. Sad and poignant. “The weight of the world” seemed a bit cliche to me in this otherwise uniquely spun tale. The age of our hero adds depth to the piece.

    Kind regards,
    Marie Gail

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