Mr Congeniality. Buff and Fabulous.

Bourbon Parme Tiara (1919) by Chaumet 3

You know how sometimes you find yourself doing something that you never in a million years thought you’d do?

a_little_light_and_definition_1_20140131_1999865061This is me doing it.

I’m shamelessly plugging a man in a beauty pageant.

(OMG! I just read that. Let me think of another word – Promoting? That sounds like I’m a man pimp. Supporting? That sounds like a jock strap. Oh, never mind it’s a lost cause, moving on.)

He says it isn’t a beauty pageant. It’s much deeper than that.

You have to do stuff for charity and shit. You can’t just look cool. You have to want World Peace.

Apparently if he wins, he won’t get a tiara.

I think that pretty much sucks eggs.

Having read his little CV on the Mr. South Africa site and reducing most of the office to tears of laughter at the description of his GSOH, humble nature and shy demeanour, I have to make up for making him blush by getting him a couple of votes.

a_super_hero_in_all_of_us_1_20140131_1439613805Seriously, when you see these pictures do you even care about his sense of humour?

Please do me a favour and pop over to Mr SA and vote for Brett. Just give him a 5 star rating on his photos. Or you can ‘SMS MRSA 012’ to 47439.

He’s also got to raise R10 000 for charity and will welcome any creative (but not XXX rated) ideas.

He’s offered a topless car wash to the ladies.

Any bids on that?


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