Socks. What more can I say?


A man’s socks are more than an item of clothing.

They are an expression of self.

nicsocks3You can tell a lot about a man from his socks.

Probably all you ever need know.

Socks maketh the man and all that.

After all, just look at all those annoying little adages about pulling socks up and knocking them off.

Socks are quite obviously a metaphor for success.

Nicsocks not only makes the world’s most amazingly soft bamboo socks, but also takes all the pain of shopping and choosing away.

nicsocks4For a monthly subscription three pairs of socks will be delivered to your door in style and panache.

Your socks will become a talking point, a conversation starter, an icebreaker extraordinaire.

Forget about the spurious promises of sidewalk sangomas.

If you want women to fall at your feet you need the kind of socks that speak volumes.

If the Fox in Socks had known about them, he’d have been wearing Nicsocks.

That’s how cool they are.

It is sadly obvious that I am suffering serious sock envy.

scarlett-johansson-wallpaper-hdscarlett-johansson-wallpapers---full-hd-wallpaper-search-msiwwzfuNic, if you read this, how about some divine high socks for girls in time for winter?

And a sock suspender belt.

I can just see Scarlett Johansson in a corset and pink polka dot Nicsocks.


nicsocks-logoFind them online at:

Check out their blog on:

They’re also on Facebook:

Find out more about the man behind the socks Nic Haralambous

Or you can read my last piece in praise of Nic Socks.

Note: I am not in any way associated with Nic Socks, nor do I receive any remuneration from them. I honestly just love this brand.




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