Christmas time is here again…


Christmas time is here again.

How do I know this?

Not because every department store and radio advertisement tells me continuously how many more days of consumer frenzy remain, but because as soon as half the nation is on holiday things break down.

I have spent the day mopping up a torrential downpour from the refrigerator that isn’t refrigerating.

At immense cost the fridge men arrived and left and I cannot see any difference at all.

Currently the doors are propped open in an attempt to rid the beast of the ice floe that could support a family of penguins and one or two polar bears.

Apparently our little issue was caused by a runaway pea blocking a hole.

Design flaw much?

gerefrig2largeMy father-in-law has had the same fridge, a General Electric, for 45 years and the thing shows signs of stopping.

Next time I buy an appliance I am shopping in second-hand stores for one that predates my birth. If it is still going I expect nothing short of the apocalypse will stop it.

I am sick to death of spending money of appliances only to have them break down as soon as the warranty expires.

I know very well it is not because they can’t make fail safe appliances, but because they want to me spend more money of new ones as often as possible.

Case in point  – the dryer.

The dryer has a door mechanism, plastic of course, which breaks at the slightest provocation.

To replace this small marble sized piece of doohicky costs about half the price of a new dryer.

If we want to do something about pollution and global warming and all that tree huggy stuff, how about making manufacturers make stuff that lasts a lifetime?

Like a VW Beetle.

Speaking of which, the fabulous Husband, is currently hard at work imitating a grease monkey putting my beloved 1975 Kombi back on the road with a reconditioned engine.

Best Christmas Present Ever!

Even better would be an entire Christmas Season without a visit to the doctor or emergency room as a result of a parent coming into close contact with a prickly piece of Lego and a matchbox car.


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