The Day Tata Madiba Left

mandela 1

Today I woke up.

I brushed my teeth and got dressed.

I had my tea and a drove to work.

Like any other day.

Only it is not any other day.

Today Nelson Mandela is dead.

The city has shrouded itself in mourning.

The blue summer skies hidden behind leaden gray clouds.

A surreal tint is layered over everything.

And no one says anything.

And everyone weeps silently.

My son's letter to Madiba

My son’s letter to Madiba

Madida – You will always be in our hearts 



3 thoughts on “The Day Tata Madiba Left

  1. When I thought back over the “great” men who have died in my lifetime I realized that I couldn’t come up with a better example than him for pretty well anything I value. I am glad your son is young as I worry history will not faithfully record much of what was greatest about Mandela.

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