Friday Fictioneers – Liars


“Do a puzzle,” they said.

“It will make the time go faster,” they said.

“As long as you concentrate on something else you won’t get sick,” they said.

They are a bunch of liars.

I am curled up in the foetal position under the table.

Every time we hit a wave little puzzle pieces rain down on me.

Periodically someone comes in, hears me moan and runs like the hounds of hell are after them.

I want to die.

If I had the strength I’d throw myself out the window and take my chances in the briny deep.

“Look,” they said.

“There’s the shore,” they said.

“It’s too damn far,” I said.

Then I threw up on their shiny black shoes.


It’s Friday Fictioneers again. This picture reminded me of a terrible boat ride to and from Phuket in Thailand to see that island where Leonardo de Caprio filmed that movie. I lay on the deck and begged random strangers to throw me overboard and cursed them when they refused. And then there was the time in the Glass Bottom Boat in Mauritius. The other tourists were quite pleased with me actually. I attracted great schools of fish for their viewing pleasure.

43 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Liars

  1. I liked the style you wrote this. I was only seasick once… on a sailboat in San Francisco Bay going out under the Golden Gate Bridge in a stretch of water they call ‘The Potato Patch’… I felt just like Victoria at Sea. Good one!

  2. Dear Victoria,

    Sea sickness is a miserable malady. Your story rang true right down to the fetal position, throwing up on shiny shoes and, later on, the attracting of great schools of fish. Absolutely loved it.



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