Scary Dreams


Last night I had a nightmare.

Not a walking bare assed naked into a final history exam nightmare.

Those I can handle.

It was a work nightmare.

This is how it went down.

I was at work, doing research in a library.

I know! A library – does my subconscious not know about Google?

Anyway there I was from the crack of dawn frantically researching biographies of obscure township musicians.

Then my boss from about 5 years ago made an appearance and shouted (in a library?) wanting to know where the hell I had been all day.

I explained about the research thing and he disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Dream sequence scene change and I was in the very small kitchen in my current office.

Everyone was there.

And by everyone I mean everyone I have ever worked with ever.

And they were all looking at me with such pity.

Then SHE appeared.

With her freakish height and air of continual disappointment.

She fired me for going to the library and researching obscure township musicians.

She didn’t raise her voice at all, she just spoke to me like I was the most useless, sorry excuse for a human being that ever sullied the ground she walked on.

And I didn’t have an excuse because I had no clue why I was researching obscure musicians in a library of all places.

I woke up shaking and traumatised and had to have a cup of tea and chocolate biscuit before I could go back to sleep.

Dreams are supposed to disappear when you wake up.

This one didn’t.

I got to work and there SHE was.

She has no idea why the sight of her almost reduced me to gibbering tears.

It isn’t her fault that my subconscious perceives her as the devil incarnate.

Hell, she won out over my history teacher in the scary nightmare stakes!

She smiled hello at me just now and I just stared back in horror, thinking, “How dare you smile at me! You two faced bitch!”

Only she isn’t, because she’s quite nice really.

Now I have to get through the day without running away each time she comes near.

Wouldn’t want to give her a complex or anything.



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