Friday Fictioneers – Drag Race

copyright – Kent Bonham

copyright – Kent Bonham


It’s just this thing we do.

Blow off a little steam.

You know what its like.

Being young. Chaffing at the bit.

Wanting to let loose and just drive until the road runs out.

So, sometimes we come here in the dead of night.

We’re not totally stupid. The girls walk down and make sure the place is empty.

Then we hit it and drive hell for leather down the stairs, hugging the corners and flying over the ramps.

It’s adrenaline like nothing else.

No margin for error.

No time to second guess yourself.

It’s just  you and the wheel and the road.



Friday Fictioneers again. This week’s picture made me think of wheelchair races, then I saw the headlights at the top of the stairs and I thought, “How cool would be to drive full speed down those stairs.”




40 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Drag Race

  1. Yes, the photo does have a ‘pulling’ aspect to it, doesn’t it? I did think that, with my driving skills, I’d probably drive the car up the wall, trying to negotiate those ramps! They must have been originally for carts, though and wonder whether they’d be the right distance apart for cars. Anyway, well done on your response to the photo. And it’s something teenagers would do. I used to get up to all sorts when I was a kid, but not with motors. I would have, though, I’m sure, given the opportunity! Ann

    • It is a teenager thing. My parents should give thanks I only got my licence when I was 19. Although it probably would have occurred to me then. Now, though… I wish I’d taken a few more grand adventures with the “nothing can hurt me I’m young” attitude of youth.

  2. An excellent piece though personally I do not care about such “dare devil acts”-have heard of many such instances where thins have gone crazy and limbs/life been lost!

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