A wake up call


As a freelancer I have a certain amount of freedom. I’m not affected by office politics.

And people talk to you, like a freelance agony aunty.

I have met happy fulfilled people, I have met creative powerhouses and I have met some of the most desperate,  depressed and  likely to go postal people too.

drinking-at-workI’ve worked with people who have taken out by men in white coats for extended holidays in institutions where lunch consists of a cocktail of multi-coloured pills guaranteeing rainbows and unicorns.

It’s not the work that’s the problem.

It’s that creative people can’t be creative in an environment designed to stifle creativity.

6a00d8341c03bb53ef016768ecf2f6970b-500wiIt’s not the interior design I’m talking about.

It’s that interior design cannot solve a people problem.

It can’t make people happy or creative.

You can throw money at people and they’ll be dazzled for about a month.

Studies have proved that at a certain point the money just is not worth it.

In order for people to be happy at work they need to feel valued and respected.

They need a balance between home and work not just lip service.

It is impossible to be happy at work when you think you’ll be unemployed if you aren’t at your desk 24/7, but your partner and family have forgotten what you look like.


I’ve been there.

My husband once gave me an ultimatum.

Find a new job or get a divorce.

It was the best thing I have ever done.

I deserve more out of my life than 18 hours a day in front of a computer.

I deserve to spend time with my family.

I deserve to be a kickass mother and wife and friend as well as a kick ass career woman.

Businesses still seem designed around men and twenty something singles with nothing to lose.

What about the mothers who manage to juggle home, family and career?

If you want to learn about time management, ask them.

So this is the status quo…

If you get a life you sacrifice your career.

If you choose the flip side, you get a career and wake up one day all alone with no-one to care but the cat you named after your ex.

It’s not that I can’t do it.

It’s that I won’t.


4 thoughts on “A wake up call

  1. That vitamin ad makes me want to stick my finger down my throat. Geeze– I’m glad I was born in this generation (even if it means I don’t get to dress all Pride & Prejudice-y). You are definitely right about what causes all the office drama and despair– and money is NOT a solution. I work with people who think this is the case and are always advocating for throwing money at our miserable staff. That’s NOT going to make them less miserable, you have to change the culture and environment first. Blegh.

    I am also totally confused about the work-mom-life thing. I have a few years left until I have to figure it out but it mostly looks like a really complicated math problem to me.

    • Wait until you have to grade school maths homework!

      Money can only solve so much, but people spend more years of their lives at work then with their families, so unless they are happy, they’ll leave.

    • Exactly. Our jobs should enable us to live, not exist. There is a radical change that needs to take place, more importantly we need to learn the power of saying no, creating boundaries and sticking to them.

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