The Case of the Missing Luggage


The Husband came home this weekend.

For all of 7 days. I missed the first one.

Don’t even think about asking why, the ensuing spate of vitriol will continue for hours.

The Husband has been in Rwanda.

On Saturday morning he boarded a plane for Johannesburg.

So did his suitcase and R2.5 million rand worth of telecommunications equipment.

Later on Saturday morning, the Husband and a suitcase full of laundry arrived in Johannesburg.

The hugely expensive uninsured equipment did not.

According to the Airports Association of South Africa it went to Burundi.

Burundi is another country entirely.

They also told the two other guys with luggage went AWOL that theirs ended up in Ethiopia, also another country entirely.

On Sunday morning the Husband received a call that his case had been found and was waiting for collection.

So, here’s the funny thing.

lost-luggageThere are no flights from Burundi that could possible have arrived in that time frame.

This means that the case was never in Burundi.

It means it was snagged in Johannesburg by the good chaps that work for ACSA.

The Husband travels to approximately 17 countries regularly.

Each time his luggage disappears it happens here.

This time he was lucky.

The case was solid and could not be cut open and the locks he put on it were industrial strength.

My father travels regularly throughout Europe.

But every time he flies to South Africa his luggage goes mysteriously missing.

And I do mean every time.

It is high time ACSA took responsibility and did something about their security and staff.

Stop blaming it on every other country.

Look in your own backyard.

In the meantime, it is not worth putting your things in the hold.

If you can’t take it in hand luggage don’t take it at all. It’s not worth it.


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