Of Swedes and Snow


The Husband has been spending some time in the grand old US of A.

There is a chance that we might up sticks and move to the land of free.

I’m quite excited about it.

Who am I kidding? I am scared of how much I want this.

I just got off the phone with a very sleepy husband who mentioned that we might be headed to New Jersey should this come off.

Apparently no-one wants to work up there because of the snow.


Given that many of the people concerned are Swedish and Canadian I am a little perturbed over this snow phobia.

If they are don’t like it, how on earth is an African girl supposed to cope?

Also, all the house rentals I have looked at say that snow removal will be my problem.

I feel like a character in The Cat in the Hat Came Back.

Unless I have little cats A, B, C all the way to Z, I’ll be stumped. If you’re not a parent, that reference will fly right past you.

But, oh for Starbucks and Chevy’s and real Mexican food!

Oh for Barnes and Noble, and Ben and Jerry’s, and peanut butter M&Ms. I can taste them melting on my tongue.



4 thoughts on “Of Swedes and Snow

  1. You shouldn’t worry much, you may problem with the snow sporadically. It won’t be a daily kinda chore. And if it get’s to annoying there’s always people willing to do it for you for a couple of bucks.

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