You have the power. Will you use it?


Individually, quite often, we may not feel like we have the power to do anything.


We are wrong.

We have tremendous power.

The power for evil.

The power for good.

And the power to do nothing.

To just stand back and watch.

That is the greatest misuse of power there can be.

ostrichI’m not trying to overthrow the next Gaddafi.

I’m not going to release top-secret government information.

I’m not Julian Assange or Edward Snowden.

I am just me.

And this time I am not sitting on the fence or burying my head in the sand hoping against hope someone will do it for me.

This time I am trying to save just one very small spot of the earth that is special to me.

Oak trees on St Patrick Road. This could be their last Spring.

Oak trees on St Patrick Road. This could be their last Spring.

In the beautiful historic neighbourhood where my husband, my son and I went to school office developers are champing at the bit to destroy 8 historic homes to put up a nice, contemporary little office block complete with lots of impersonal little cubicles for people like you and I.

The oak trees that date back to the establishment of Johannesburg will be cut down to make way for the extra 1 000 cars a day that will careen down this quiet little residential street.

The other residents will soon sell their homes and more offices will be built and before we know it, it will all be gone.

We can’t turn back the clock as much as we may want to.

Over the past year I have connected with so many wonderful people all over the world on this blog and I am grateful to each and every one of you., I have something to ask of you.

On Friday 16 August I have to submit final complaints against the development to the planning office.

Please spend a few moments of your time, use your voice and the power of your name to help me protect one small spot that matters.

Like the St Patrick Road Action Group on Facebook

Sign my petition on

And share it, so others can use their voices too.

Thank you so much!


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