Celebrity Onesie Style

victoria beckham onesie

Question: What does Victoria Beckham wear when she kicks off her killer heels?

Answer: A onesie.

Onesies have taken the fashion world by storm.

Love them or hate them they’re the latest celebrity fashion craze.


One Direction

There’s a  National Onesie Day (18 May) and a slew of Facebook and online sites where you can indulge your love of the season’s must have style.

Of course, if you fall into the other camp you can sign a petition to have them outlawed in Australia.

Forget stiletto heels and skin-tight lycra, it’s time to embrace your inner zen and relax in a onesie.

They’re creative. They’re comfortable.

They’re made for chilling out and slowing down.

Perfect for travelling, relaxing in front of the TV or just catching some z’s.



They’re even hitting the dance floor with Onesie themed parties attracting hundreds of onesie wearing fans. Even a few Wallabies fans have been seen in the stands rocking their onesies.

Celebs seen out and about in onesie style from Scoopla include songstress Rita Ora, the boys from One Direction, the irrepressible Rihanna, Beyonce and Katy Perry.

“I love my onesie,” said Emma Bunton, former Baby Spice in her May interview with Now Magazine.

Even the Bieb is dancing in the streets in his onesie. Now that is swag.


Miley's Onesie

Miley’s Onesie

Miley Cyrus has made onesie history twerking it in a video she uploaded to Facebook.

“I am a huge fan of the onesie” Neil Patrick Harris confided in Huffington Post this year.

It’s not just the Brad Pitts and the Kardashians of today who love their onesies.

Back in the 1940s Winston Churchill had his siren suits designed by no other than  Turnbull & Asser. Of course in those days you needed something to fling over your PJs when you had to make a run for the air raid shelter.


Elton John in 1973

Elton John in 1973

Elton John even took to the stage in a pussy cat onesie back in 1973. And of course there was Elvis. Who could forget the King of the one piece?

There’s a reason onesies are at the top of the list for great gifts. They’re versatile, friendly and most of all, have what a  lot of fashion lacks, a sense of humour.

Remember Marilyn Monroe’s answer to the question , “What do you wear to bed?”. If she were around today chances are she’d forget all about Chanel No. 5 and answer proudly, “My onesie!”

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt

Fashion or fad onesie wearers don’t care. They love them.

If you’ve already joined the ranks of onesie wearers it’s time to spread the good news and give a onesie to a friend or just get another for yourself for the hell of it.

Check out Onesie-Online for a range of colours and send one to someone you love with a simple click.


8 thoughts on “Celebrity Onesie Style

  1. I can’t even sleep in a zipped up sleeping bag, never mind being confined to a full body pajama with footies. Oh well. I have never been trendy anyway so why start now?

  2. Hey, people have been wearing their underwear and PJs in public for a while now — isn’t it a bit of a relief that there will be a certain degree of modesty now? Not much chance of a wardrobe malfunction in a onesie.
    I think I’d like some for lounging around the house in, but you wouldn’t catch me dead in one in public, darling.

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