Friday Fictioneers – Audi TT


I work in one of those classy little coffee shops. No-one looks twice at the busboy, but I see them sneer at my bike. It’s okay, because I laugh at them too, in their pink lycra and fancy gear. They take themselves so seriously, these weekend Lance Armstrongs. They don’t laugh so hard when I overtake them on the road home. No gears, no iPod, no steroid juice, no shaving my legs. My old bike and me, we travel 100kms a day from the township to suburbs. She cost me 25 bucks from Bhani’s. You can call her retro, I call her my wheels, my Audi TT. 


– For the international readers – an Audi TT is a South African township term for a man without a car – Audi Ten Toes. 

Friday Fictioneers time again. This week’s photo comes from my friend Ndlovu at an You can check out his flash fiction challenge too.  

35 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Audi TT

  1. “no iPod, no steroid juice, no shaving my legs,” I loved the laundry list of “necessities” that aren’t really needed at all. That and the character’s moxie made this a really enjoyable piece.

  2. Another South African writer. You taught slang to a local too! I thought I was on top of all of it. Rich, rich local culture! Love it. Loved the story.

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